We Must Honor our Heroes and Our Flag

Medal of Honor Recipient Colonel Van Barfoot

Colonel Van Barfoot is a 90 year old Veteran of WW II. During his time of service he earned our nations highest award, the Medal of Honor, along with the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts, yet he is now in trouble with his home owners association. You will be surprised to find out that this true American hero is in trouble for flying his flag. Yes, that’s it, for flying an American Flag.

The Sussex Square Homeowner’s Association in Richmond, Virginia says the issue is with the pole. Short flags on poles hanging on the front porch of a house are permitted. The pole in Colonel Barfoot’s front yard with a magnificent eagle on top, is not. But Colonel Barfoot was raised in a different way.

“First of all it is not dignified”, he said concerning porch flag mounts, since the flag is in a “half mast position.” One video I found shows the war veteran and hero raising the American flag atop his pole. He then performs a solemn salute. The fact that such a man continues to love his country and honor our flag after so many years is quite an example for young people.

What is our country coming to when an “American” homeowners association is not able to bend the rules for a man of such stature ?

The Sussex Square Homeowner’s Association really needs to put their little rule book aside for once and honor this true American Hero and our Flag.

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    See this just launched PETITION to support Col. Van Barfoot and his right to fly the American flag with pride and respect.

    Please join & spread the word.


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