Innocence Salutes Heroism

“Blessed are their eyes for they see…”

That is what I thought of when I first saw the video below of a Belgian “golden boy”. He is golden, in my eyes, because with his innocence he is able to appreciate something more in the Canadian soldiers that march by, than the average man, whose eyes are blinded by the cynicism of the modern world. What he sees, in the Canadian soldiers, is much more than simply a group of men marching in formation.

This little boy somehow understands the significance of the military Uniform as pointed out by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira in his masterful work Revolution and Counter Revolution. Prof. Plinio explains how “the uniform, by its mere presence, implicitly testifies to some truths,” that are incompatible with the modern world.

“—the existence of values that are greater than life itself and for which one should be willing to die — which is contrary to the socialist mentality, wholly characterized by abhorrence of risk and pain and by adoration of security and utmost attachment to earthly life;

“–– the existence of morality, for the military condition is entirely based upon ideas of honor, of force placed at the service of good and turned against evil, and so on.”

What attracts our Belgian “golden boy” is the higher ideal symbolized by the uniform. He sees the moral beauty inherent in the military life which partially explains the reason why, in this video, he works so hard to practice the military salute before the Canadian soldiers pass “his review.” He wants to be like them because he sees something in them that is worthy of imitation.

It is hard to watch this video without being moved, “because there are many great men who have desired to see the things he sees, but have not seen them…”

What do you see?